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“Green” home for birds


BluBirdhouseBird lovers of the Eastside, Squak Mt is excited to bring to our customers a new birdhouse line.  The Eco Egg Bamboo birdhouse is 100% natural, constructed of bamboo fibers, natural binding agents, and vegetable based color powder. Bamboo’s natural material provides excellent insulation for the birds to build a home in, providing them with a safe, warm environment.

These charming egg shaped birdhouses are perfect to hang in a tree in the yard. Their bright colors will attract birds from all over. They measure 6” wide by 8” high, and come with a galvanized hanging cable attached. The back of the birdhouse features ventilation and drainage holes, and is also where you can access the inside of the home for easy cleaning when the baby birds have flown the nest.  Inside are steps to help the baby birds take those first steps in learning how to fly.

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