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Frosted Christmas Trees

One Christmas while I was visiting family down in Madras, Oregon a hoar frost settled over the quiet farmland. Tiny crystals of ice delicately coated everything, brightening the drab brown fields and coating trees in a thin layer of white. Just enough frost covered the trees that not all the green was concealed.  It was simultaneously beautiful and mysterious.









Now imagine the stunning beauty of a ‘white frosted’ tree in your living room. This holiday season Squak Mt Nursery is offering pre-lit Christmas trees and plenty of them will be flocked. The beauty of a pre-lit flocked tree is the ease of set up, less than half an hour, and the stunning, simple beauty. Done up elegantly in silver, crystal, and white; or whimsically in snowmen, our pre-lit flocked trees are a beautiful, easy addition to your home for the holidays. Another plus is how easy they are to take down and store. At the end of the year, rather than driving a flocked tree to the dump, you simply place it in its box, expectantly awaiting the arrival of the next Christmas season.











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