Early Spring

January – March

The first three months of the calendar are an expectant season as crocus and other early bloomers remind us that spring will come again. February at Squak Mt. ushers in the start of our bare root season, where you will find outstanding values and a wide selection of bare root fruit, flowering and shade trees.  Many other edibles are ideally planted in this season including blueberries, strawberries, rhubarb, asparagus and raspberries.

Early spring heralds the arrival of homegrown crops of primroses and pansies in our greenhouses.  Several perennials, including the lovely hellebore that blooms in the gray winter months, are also on parade.  This first season is also a great time to get a head start on your summer vegetable and flower garden by beginning your seeds indoors.  Summer blooming bulbs such as dahlias may also be selected.

The terrace at Squak Mt. begins to fill with landscape plants such as shrubs and vines throughout this season.  Our extensive homegrown crop of roses is also introduced at the beginning of February.   For further inspiration we offer free seminars on Saturdays almost every week.   

Our famous hanging moss baskets and fuchsias begin to be hung in the glass greenhouse during these first months.  Remember this is the ideal time to preorder your hanging moss basket or super pot.