November & December

The year at Squak Mt. culminates with the glorious sights, sounds, and smells of Christmas.  Our Holiday Shop is in its full glory by November 1st.  Our talented designers spend months planning our tree themes that fill our Garden Shed in a magical and elegant Christmas wonderland.

The greenhouse is a carpet of color in the weeks before Thanksgiving as it is filled to the brim with our homegrown poinsettias in rich reds, soft whites, and vivid pinks.  You will smile and have a sense of comfort wash over you as you walk into our warm greenhouses from the cold outdoors and see all those signature flowers of Christmas.

While out in the parking lot our famous cut trees have arrived the week of Thanksgiving, their fir needle scent filling the air.  They are placed on stands, ready for you to walk through and select one for your home.  We also have a fantastic selection of living Christmas trees so once the holidays are over you can plant the tree that graced your house out in your yard.  Our staff will load the tree you select on your vehicle for your convenience.

Squak Mt. is filled with more inspired home decorating ideas, many of them perfect for making the outside of your house beautiful.  Wreaths, garlands, boughs and winter herbs fill the tables, their heady smell filling the air.  We also have a wreath decorating station where you can add sparkle and glitz to your holiday greens to make them even more of a statement hanging on your front door.

We thank you for celebrating each of the five seasons of gardening with us at Squak Mt. Greenhouses and Nursery.