September & October

Like the busy and exciting first days of the new school year, Squak Mt. welcomes September with fresh new colors for your containers and garden.  Consider our beautiful homegrown mums, asters, pansies, and ornamental cabbage and kale as fall is ushered into your yard.  Vibrant colors of red, orange, and yellow appear on may trees and shrubs.  Ornamental grasses are in their full glory as tall seed heads sway in the breeze.  The crisp cool nights are warmed by these rich, warm tones and textures.

Our spring bulbs also arrive by September 1st and are ready for you to select.  We also offer garlic and shallot bulbs as you plan for next summer’s harvests.  Consider joining us for a free gardening seminar as our staff enjoys sharing the joys of gardening with you in each season.

With all the natural beauty surrounding Squak Mt Nursery, autumn is the stand-out season with our flaming maple trees along the drive that people stop to take pictures of because they are so pretty. Against the backdrop of the lush green of the surrounding hills, Squak Mt is a riot of color in the Fall.


our-maple-trees raking-leaves