Five Seasons

“Growing Life. Creating Beauty.”  at Squak Mt. Nursery involves celebrating each season that we are blessed with here in the Pacific Northwest.  We have discovered there are five unique seasons that gardener’s may enjoy in our region;

Early spring is an expectant season with cool days and frosty nights,

Spring featuring warming temperatures and an abundance of plants coming into bloom,

Summer with our warmest temperatures ideal for edibles, herbs and other heat lovers,

Autumn displaying spectacular foliage colors in red, orange and yellow, and gold

Christmas as we bring warmth and joy into the home.

One of the best aspects of living in Western Washington is our long growing season.  Unlike places like Chicago or Phoenix where their gardening season is limited by frigid winters or scorching summers, we in the beautiful Seattle area can plant and play in the soil nearly year round.

Visiting Squak Mt. in each season allows you to celebrate each period in your own garden and home, to the delight of your family and friends.