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Squak Mt.’s Homegrown Tomato Crop

Our greenhouse team is growing a great crop of tomatoes that thrive here in our area.

Amongst our grafted tomatoes you will find ‘Stupice’ an heirloom variety with 2-3” fruit and ‘Defiant’, which features great flavor and superior disease resistance.  Our grafted tomatoes provide you with a super charged plant that grows more vigorously on specialized root stock. We also have a complete selection of standard (non-grafted toamtoes). View the table below for a complete list of our tomato crop.

NOTE:  Cool season veggie starts (lettuce, kale, etc.) can be selected and planted today.  Warm season veggies (peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.) should not be planted outdoors umprotected until mid May at the earliest.

Our 4″ pot size tomatoes will be displayed for sale around May 1st.  Our gallon and 2 gallon (grafted) tomatoes will be on display around May 8th.

Squak Mt. will have a complete selection of summer edibles for your family’s health and enjoyment.


Key for tables:

* Determinate: One big crop, then the tomato is done fruiting.  Vines stop growing when the fruit sets.

** Indeterminate: Multiple crops of fruit. Plant contimues to grow and set fruit all summer.



Standard Tomatoes – Squak Mt.’s homegrown crop


Fruit Information


Celebrity* Large, glossy red fruit 70 days
Champion VFNT** Solid, meaty fruit 62 days
Early Girl** Flavorful, early harvest, medium sized fruit 52-54 days
La Roma* Italian, oval shaped fruit.Good for canning and cooking. 62 days
Lemon Boy** Clear yellow fruit is delicious. 72 days
Red Robin* Petite plant (12” mat.) with clusters of bright red fruit. 55 days
Sun gold** Very sweet, tropical tasting orange fruit. 57 days
Super Fantastic** Large, bright red, meaty fruit 70 days
Sweet 100** Clusters of small, sweet, cherry sized fruit 65 days



Grafted Tomatoes – Squak Mt.’s homegrown crop


Fruit Information


Big Beef** Red, globe shaped 1 lb fruit. Good balance of acid and sweet. 70-75 days
Defiant* High yield, 6-8 oz fruit, has a bit of a bite and high flavor. 70 days
Early Girl** Bright red 4-6 oz fruit. Early harvest, dependable and flavorful. 50-60 days
Stupice** One of the earliest harvest tomatoes, Cold tolerant, heirloom, has good sweet flavor. 60-65 days

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