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Homegrown Tomatoes at Squak Mt. 2014

We are growing tomato plants in our greenhouses for your summer enjoyment.

Please note, we recommend planting tomatoes outdoors, unprotected in Issaquah in mid to late May.  They love heat.  They do not do well with cool nights.   

Our crop of 4″ pots will be displayed for sale around May 1st.

Our crop of one gallon plants will be displayed for sale around May 15th.  (Updated)

Our crop of 2 gallon grafted tomatoes will be displayed for sale around May 15th.

Here are the varieties growing in our greenhouses today:


Squak Mt Tomatoes 2014

Variety Fruit Information Maturity
Celebrity* Large, glossy red fruit 70 days
Champion II ** Solid, meaty fruit 65 days
Early Girl** Flavorful, early harvest, medium sized fruit 52-54 days
Roma Baby Red* Italian, oval shaped fruit.Good for canning and cooking. 62 days
Red Grape ** Tasty grape tomatoes 60 days
Red Robin* Petite plant (12” mat.) with clusters of bright red fruit. 55 days
Sun gold** Very sweet, tropical tasting orange fruit. 57 days
Super Fantastic** Large, bright red, meaty fruit 70 days
Sweet 100** Clusters of small, sweet, cherry sized fruit 65 days

*Determinate: one big crop, then the tomato is done fruiting

**Indeterminate: multiple crops. So many tomatoes you won’t know what to do with all of them.



Squak Mt Grafted Tomatoes 2014

Variety Fruit Information Maturity
Beaverlodge* An early producer. Has a rich, balanced flavor. Smooth, round 2”  red fruits on a compact plant. Productive in Seattle’s maritime climate. 55 days
Indigo Ruby* High in antioxidants , this plum shaped 1-2 oz fruit is deep indigo with red undersides. Sweet, dark red flesh. 80-90 days
Manitoba* Bright, crimson 3-4” heirloom tomato. Fresh, tangy flavor. Developed in Canada to thrive in cool, short season areas. Excellent slicer and great for canning. 60-70 days
Sunsugar** Abundant, sweet as candy orange cherry tomato. High in Vitamin A and natural sugars. A great way to bribe kids to eat tomatoes. 65-75 days



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