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‘Winter Wonder’ Container

Enchanting foliage on our newest perennial has the appearance of the first dusting of winter snowflakes. Hellebore ‘Snow Fever’ provides a striking addition to winter containers or beds. Mottled green and white foliage with serrated edges is present in every season. New leaves emerge with purplish overtones along with creamy green flowers in January and February. This sturdy grower reaches 18 to 24 inches high and is extremely cold hardy.

Inspired by this new arrival, the design team at Squak Mt. has created a delightful recipe to transform your containers for winter interest.  Combine ‘Snow Fever’ with wintergreen and blooming cyclamen or pansies. Wintergreen is an evergreen ground cover that sports bright red, festive berries and bronze tinged foliage in winter. For height add ‘Elwoodii’ false cypress, and ‘Glacier’ Ivy for abundant drape at the container’s edge.


A. Wintergreen-1 plant: Ground cover for part shade. Bright red berries in winter. The small, oval shaped leaves turns bronze in cold weather.

B. ‘Elwoodii’ False Cypress-1 plant: Upright blue-green foliage on this evergreen tree.

C. Glacier Ivy-2 plants: Gray-green and white variegated trailer

D. ‘Snow Fever’ Hellebore-1 plant: Variegated green and white foliage. Creamy white flowers on a compact grower.

E. Red or White Cyclamen-1 plant: Your choice of color. Showy flowers, many have silver markings on the leaves. Do well on a protected porch or entry. Or you may use 2-3 winter blooming pansies.

Need instant color? We have a select number of the ‘Winter Wonder’ container planted and ready to beautify your front entry. Alternatively, we have all the component plants of this unique container grouped together on a table for you to select and plant yourself.




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