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Squak Mt Summer Container 2016

Celebrate summer with endless color that dazzles guests and brings joy to your home. The designers at Squak Mt., in partnership with our talented team of growers, have created two recipes for your selection.  “Summer Impact” features bold tones of rose, blue, white, fuchsia and apricot


All of the plants in this container recipe are sun loving summer annuals that we grow in our greenhouses. We recommend full sun or afternoon sun exposure for this design.  For your convenience, all of the items in this recipe are displayed together at Squak Mt., to make their selection quick and easy.  Size and number of plants can be adapted for any size pot. The quantities listed here fit a pot approximately 16-18” in diameter.










Smooth Harmony: Variation I

Celebrating the bright colors of the summer










Summer Impact:

Celebrating the bold, hot colors of summer



  1. The center of attention is an Agryranthemum daisy. Growing to 18” tall with feathery foliage. 1 plant.
  2. The sun tolerant Solenia Begonia has rose shaped petals and dark green leaves. 1 plant.
  3. We love things cascading and burbling over the side of a container. Mini Famous Calibrochoa will add whimsical charm with their small, bell shaped flowers. 2 plants.
  4. Giving your container some contrast with vibrant foliage is often effective. Ipomoea (sweet potato vine) with chartreuse leaves is featured here. 1 plant.
  5. The work horse of trailing summer annuals is bacopa. Covered in dozens of small daisy shaped flowers all season long. 1 plant.
  6. Alyssum, with its sweet scent will bring diminutive flowers and a draping habit. ‘Silver Stream’ will amaze you with its unending blooms all summer. 1 plant.
  7. Zonal geraniums boast large flower clusters held proudly on long stems. 1 plant.
  8. Lobelia’s small, bright, lobed flowers will cascade over the side of the container. Our “Techno” series blooms consistently all summer long. 1 plant.


We also have pre-planted containers with this recipe so that you may take them home complete, and ready to enjoy. Our friendly staff would be pleased to assist you further as you celebrate the vibrant tones of mountain sunsets on your porch or patio.


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