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“Springtime Fresh” Squak’s Early Spring Container

‘Springtime Fresh’ is brimming with the promise of spring with it’s warmer days and beautiful blooms bursting to life. The designers at Squak Mt. have created this recipe to bring the fresh greens, pinks, yellows, and whites of Spring to your favorite container.

All of these plants are grouped together at our nursery to make their selection quick and easy.  This recipe is designed for a container about 15-18” wide.  Our friendly staff would be pleased to assist you in adapting this design to fit you pot of any size.

For your enjoyment, we also have containers pre-planted with ‘Springtime Fresh’, ready for you to select and take home today.                                                                                                           early-spring-2014.1

Plants in this design can be planted in nearly any exposure the first five months of the year.  As summer approaches the hellebores and primroses may need to be transplanted in a cooler location, as the other plants will enjoy basking in the sun.

Come visit Squak Mt today for all the components of Squak Mt’s exclusive “Springtime Fresh” early Spring container. A diagram of this container is available at the nursery, grouped together along with all the beautiful plants for this design.

A.   Carex ‘Everest’ – 1 plant: Deep green blades with bright white edges on this whimsical ornamental grass.

B.   Lemon Cypress – 1plant: A slow to mature evergreen tree that adds brightness and height to a container. Striking lime-green foliage with a heady lemon scent.

C.   ‘Pink Marble’ or ‘White Marble’ Hellebore -1 plant: ‘Pink Marble’ features bowl shaped pink-green flowers above glossy green, marbled foliage with silver veins and purple stems. ‘White Marble’ has creamy white flowers on white stems. Petitie forms to 12”x12”.

D.   Tete-a-Tete – 1 plant: A sweet dwarf daffodil with yellow or white blooms.

E.   Heuchera ‘Sweet Tart’ – 1 plant: A compact coral bells that is ideal for containers. It has chartreuse foliage, pink flowers, and is long blooming.

F.    Primroses-1 to 3 plants: Homegrown Squak Mt primroses add pretty pops of color. We suggest orchid, soft yellow or white for this container.

early-spring-2014.3G.   Ivy ‘White Jitta’-1 to 2 plants:  A deep green and bright white variegated ivy with a small pointed leaf.

H.   Kinnikkinnick – 1 plant: A hardy evergreen native groundcover. It will trail beautifully in a container or rockery. Pink lantern shaped flowers emerge in late spring.

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