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‘February Flair’

Squak Mt.’s 2012 Early Spring Recipe for Container Beauty

Bright yellow, green, metallic purple and black combine to create a striking, contemporary wardrobe for your containers.  The designers at Squak Mt. have created this exclusive design to inspire you as you welcome the first hints of spring to our neighborhoods.

All of these plants in are grouped together at our nursery to make their selection quick and easy.  This recipe is designed for a container about 15-18” wide.  Our friendly staff would be pleased to assist you in adding or subtracting plants to fit a pot of any size. We also have some stunning black or mirrored silver containers pre-planted with this design to allow you to take home instant beauty for your front porch or patio.  Light conditions are not as important during the first months of the year.  In future months, many of the plants in this recipe can either be transplanted to your landscape, or kept in the pot for year round interest in a sun or partial sun location. Come outfit your pots with eye catching style and color at Squak Mt. today.

(This recipe and the suggested layout for this pot is available as printed handout at Squak Mt. Nursery today.)

A.   Ceanothus ‘Diamond Heights’-1 plant: Attractive chartreuse leaves with a dark green center, pale blue flowers in April or May. Low growing evergreen shrub grows 10-12” high, trails nicely in containers.  Hardy to 20 F.

B.   Heuchera ‘Shanghai’-1 plant: Shimmering metallic silvery-purple leaves on a tightly mounding plant. Evergreen foliage performs well through winter. White flowers above dark purple stems in the summer. 10” H x 12” W.

C.   Dwarf Hinoki Cypress ‘Meroke Twin’-1 plant: Gold-green evergreen foliage. Slight twists of branches lend movement and individuality to upright growth. Excellent for tight spaces or containers.

D.   Black Mondo Grass-1 plant: Glossy black grassy foliage with a dense, clumping habit. Spikes of tiny lavender flowers are followed by black berries in the autumn. 6-12” H.

E.   Emerald Isle Spike Moss-1 to 2 plants. Small mounding moss with bright green foliage. Good groundcover for shade to part shade.

F.    Obconica Primrose-1 plant: Upright growing clusters of lavender, pink or purple blooms, soft green round leaves. This primrose grows to 9” tall.

G.   Primrose-2 to 3 plants: Rosettes of green foliage and cheery flowers in an array of colors on this perennial. Orangey-red or purple hued blooms recommended.

H.   Dwarf Narcissus-1 plant: A sure sign of spring when these cute daffodils are blooming. Tete-a-Tete or other dwarf varieties will work best. 6-12” H.


  1. Phil

    hummmm …..a “Dwarf Narcissus” so it that like a little person whom always thinks of himself as he gloats in a mirror ????

    I have never thought of plants and arrangements as a recipe….but it makes sense…
    How creative you are Mrs Jac.

    Thanks for sharing this with me.

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