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‘Autumn’s Sophistication’

‘Autumn’s Sophistication’

Fall Container Recipe

Blend textures of many foliage types with tones of wine, purple, silver and white variegation to captivate visitors and family with a sophisticated presence in your home’s containers. The designers at Squak Mt. have created an exclusive recipe for you, selecting plants that will bring interest and color to your containers through fall, into winter and beyond.  Partial or filtered sun exposures will be optimal for this design, although during autumn the amount of sun exposure your pot receives is not critical.


All of the plants in our design are grouped together at Squak Mt. to make it quick and easy for you to select them. Size and number of plants can be adapted for any size pot. The quantities in this recipe fit a pot approximately 16-18” in diameter. Our designers have also selected attractive containers that we have pre-planted with this design, so that you may take them home complete and ready to enjoy. Join us at Squak Mt. as we assist you in creating beauty in your garden.


  1. Fatshedera ‘Angyo Star’ – 1 plant – A striking center piece for your container. A cross between Fatsia and English ivy, with striking white variegation on large glossy evergreen leaves. Well behaved (not invasive). Stems do need support, our crop is already trellised. Hardy to 5 F, ideal for locations near the house. Part shade to shade.
  2. Black Mondo Grass – 1 plant – Jet black foliage on this evergreen grass. 6” tall and wide.
  3. Hebe ‘Quiksilver’ – 1 plant – Airy, open habit on slender black branches. Tiny, silver-blue evergreen leaves. Lilac blooms in summer. Grows 12” h x 24” w.
  4. Heuchera ‘Grape Soda’ – 1 plant – New coral bells variety. Evergreen perennial featuring scalloped purple leaves with a silver sheen. Light purple blooms in spring and summer. Excellent mounding habit. 9” H x 20” W.
  5. Big Leaf Wire Vine – 2 plants – Trailing ground cover that stays evergreen in protected locations. Deep green leaves on gracefully draping stems.
  6. Pansies – 3 plants – Cheerful blooms for months to come. Cold hardy. Consider wine or red blooms.
  7. Ornamental Cabbage – 1 plant – Ruffled foliage adds texture and color as cool nights arrive. Consider white leaf varieties.



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