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“Autumn’s Copper”

Squak Mt.’s 2012 Fall Container Recipe


Copper, red, and orange set the stage, accented by purple and yellow tones as we announce the arrival of fall.  ‘Autumn’s Copper’ complimentary color tones both attract the eye and echo the rich, vibrant tones of fall.  Allow us to assist you as you transform your entry and patio welcoming family and friends to the new season.


Squak Mt.’s designers have created this exclusive fall container recipe for you.  The recipe is designed for a container 15” – 18” in diameter, and can be easily modified to any pot size.  We have grouped all of the plants in this design together at Squak Mt., to make their selection quick and simple as you replant your pots.  Alternatively you may wish to purchase a pot pre-planted with ‘Autumn’s Copper’ or select an empty container at Squak Mt., which you can then assemble with plants of your own selection.  You will find containers in subtle green tone are particularly stunning when planted with this design.  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to assist you.


  1. A.   ‘Redstone Falls’ Heucherella – 1 plant: Copper toned leaves. An alternative is ‘Yellowstone Falls’  with chartreuse-lime leaves with deep crimson markings.
  2. B.   Lamium ‘Golden Anniversary’ or ‘Aurea’ – 1 to 2 plants: Low growing, semi-evergreen groundcover for part shade or shade. This makes an excellent trailer for containers. ‘Golden Anniversary’ has variegated green leaves with gold splotches and lavender pink flowers in the summer. “Aurea’ is lime green.
  3. C.   Aster – 1 plant: Purple, daisy like flower with yellow centers, grown beautifully in our greenhouses.
  4. D.   Pennisetum ‘Little Bunny’ or ‘Piglet’ – 1 plant: ‘Little Bunny’ is a dwarf fountain grass with bronze, bunny tail plumes in fall. Grows to 12”. ‘Piglet’ is a little taller, with foxtail plumes to 15-18. Dormant in the winter months. A good evergreen substitute would be Carex ‘Cappuccino’ with arching, thin blades of olive and brown tones.
  5. E.   Muehlenbeckia or Creeping wire vine – 1 plant: Tiny round leaves on black wiry stems. A delicate looking but tough trailer.
  6. F.    Coprosma ‘Evening Glow’ or ‘Rainbow Surprise’ – 1 plant:  Features shiny oval tricolored leaves. It is a tender perennial. For colder areas try ‘Firefly’ heather.
  7. G.   Pansies – 3 plants: Cheerful purple, yellow, or orange flowers suggested. Will bloom off and on throughout the winter months.
  8. H.   Hyacinth – 5 bulbs: Under-plant with this fragrant bulb, they will come up through the plants in the spring.  Plant 6-8” deep.


Finally, incorporate our long lasting ‘Complete’ organic fertilizer as you plant.

A diagram of how we recommend laying out your container is available as a printed handout at Squak Mt. today.

The photo taken here is of a recently potted container to give you a better idea of the colors and textures in this design.  The pot will continue to fill in as the season progresses.







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