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‘Spring Morning’ Container

Celebrate the soft colors of a clear spring morning with pinks, whites, greens, lavenders, and periwinkles. The designers at Squak Mt. have created the ‘Spring Morning’ design to assist you in bringing the expectancy of early spring to your home. All of these plants are grouped together at our nursery to make their selection quick and easy.  This recipe is designed for a container about 15-18” wide.  Our friendly staff would be pleased to assist you in adding or subtracting plants to fit your pot of any size.

We also have containers pre-planted with this design to allow you to take home instant beauty for your front porch or patio.  Plants in this design prefer morning sun and refuge from the afternoon heat, when the weather warms.  Come outfit your pots with eye catching style and color at Squak Mt. today.

A diagram showing how to place the plants in your pot is available at Squak Mt. today.




A.      ‘Fragrant Valley’ Sarcococca-1 plant: Sweet Box is known for it’s fragrant small white flowers that appear in February-March. Slender, pointed dark green leaves stay evergreen. This low growing shrub will only grow to be 12-18” at maturity.

B.      Cyclamen Coum-1 plant: See article in this newsletter.

C.      Tete a Tete daffodils-1 plant: Miniature daffodils in white or yellow blooms. Cut back when they are done blooming and they will return the next year.

D.     Golden spike moss -1 plant: Creates a soft mat of chartreuse. Loves shade, 2” high.

E.      Japanese Tassel Fern – 1 plant: Glossy, dark green fronds with tassel like appearance as they emerge.  Likes partial sun to shade.  Height 18-24”.  Evergreen.

F.       Acorus variegata-1 plant: Sweet Flag’s floppy clumps of long leaves have white and dark green stripes.

G.     Primrose-2-3 plants: Reliable shade loving perennial. Pick from shades of lavender, pink, and red from our homegrown crop.

H.     Vinca ‘Wojo’s  Gem’-2 plants: Cream and green variegated oval leaves on this trailing evergreen groundcover. Periwinkle blue flowers in May-June.

I.        Heath – 1 plant:  Light pink buds open to pink blooms on dark green, evergreen, needle like foliage.  Consider ‘Kramer’s Rote’, ‘Furzey’, or ‘Springwood Pink’.



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