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Our Poinsettia crop begins

July is the peak of summer here on the Eastside.  As we are all enjoying this sunny season, our greenhouse team begins preparing for a crop we all associate with Christmas.  That is correct, we have already planted poinsettias for your future enjoyment.  Here is a sneak peak behind the scenes into our greenhouses here in Issaquah.  You are welcome to come and see the plants grow and mature in the months ahead.

We have been your local, homegrown source for poinsettias for more than 30 years.  Thank you for enjoying the beauty of our crops.

First we must remove all our summer annuals from the greenhouses to be planted.







Next we sweep and hand wash each table.  After it is very clean in the greenhouse, we open the shade cloth and close the vents.  This raises the temperature and helps to eliminate any unwanted insects.  (I can assure you it is far too warm for humans to enjoy as well!)




Pots are filled with potting soil designed for our poinsettia crop. 





Pots are placed on their growing benches.






Poinsettias are planted by our talented greenhouse team (July 12, 2011).  At this point each poinsettia is a small rooted cutting with about 5 leaves on each stem.





Planted!  Many months of care lie ahead.




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