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Cut Trees and Tree Stands

You will find that the Squak Mt. Christmas tree lot is full of top quality trees and smiling, helpful staff.  Each tree is displayed on its own stand, which allows you to view our top grade noble firs from every angle.  We will do all of the lifting, loading and vehicle tie-down for you.


Cut Noble Fir

Our #1 grade Noble fir Christmas trees are freshly cut and expertly trained at a family farm here in the Northwest, insuring that you will have a fragrant and attractive tree in your home throughout the holiday season.  Noble firs are the ideal cut tree because they feature sturdy limbs that easily support ornaments and lights, and also long lasting needles.  Cut trees are available for sale beginning November 26th, with our 5-6’ tall Noble firs selling for only $42.98.










Squak Mt.’s Reusable Tree Stand

Squak Mt. Nursery will again be mounting our favorite cut Christmas tree stand free for our customers.  The stand is heavy duty, reusable for many years, holds plenty of water and allows you to avoid the fiasco of putting on the stand at home.  We have been successfully using this stand for more than 20 years to the delight of many.

A new medium size stand costs only $19.98.  A medium stand is typically suitable for trees up to 8’ tall.  Larger stands for taller trees are also available.  If you don’t have one of these stands already, make sure and ask for one while purchasing a beautiful cut noble fir from our lot at Squak Mt. Nursery.

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