Small Yards

Golden Year

Inject vibrant, all year color in your life with a new, easy care tree, Thuja ‘Highlights’. This bright yellow-gold arborvitae offers a tight pyramidal shape while maintaining its vibrant color… Read More

Lonicera: Little Lemon Zest

Attractive, bright evergreen foliage and a compact habit highlight this hot new plant. Introducing ‘Little Lemon Zest’ (Lonicera pileata) a boxleaf honeysuckle shrub whose green leaves have a white cream… Read More

New Bergenia Variety

Bergenia Dragonfly ‘Sakura’ boasts rich burgundy foliage in winter, adding color to the early spring garden. Semi-double cherry blossom like flowers adorn this evergreen perennial in spring. The compact habit… Read More

Blueberries for All

Delicious, nutritious blueberries are easy and rewarding to grow in nearly any space.  In larger yards, you can plant attractive rows of full size blueberry plants to create bountiful harvests… Read More