Garden Shed

Bug Munching Terarriums

Love terrariums, but looking for something other than succulents and cactus? This month, we’re featuring a unique twist on the popular glass enclosures: carnivorous plant terrariums. These quirky plants are… Read More

Spotlight: Sansevieria

Add striking contemporary beauty in your home with the addition of Sansevieria, commonly known as Snake Plant. We love this houseplant because it is foolproof. Thick, stiff upright leaves shaped… Read More

Houseplant Jungle

It's a jungle of houseplants in the Garden Shed at Squak Mt Nursery and now is the perfect time to fill your home, apartment or dorm room with the life… Read More

Clearing the Air

Color, texture, scale – the aesthetics that houseplants bring to our homes and offices are often the initial reason to incorporate these enjoyable plants into our lives.  Indoor plants also… Read More

Win a Kokedama!

Let’s face it: as Pacific Northwesterners, we love green. But we don’t just want to enjoy the lush ferns and fauna outside, we like them inside, too. Let us introduce… Read More