Edibles & Recipes

Tomatoes at Squak Mt.

Growing the perfect tomato can be a challenge in the Seattle area, particularly if the summer stays cool.  New for 2012 is our homegrown crop of grafted tomatoes, which create… Read More

Blueberries for All

Delicious, nutritious blueberries are easy and rewarding to grow in nearly any space.  In larger yards, you can plant attractive rows of full size blueberry plants to create bountiful harvests… Read More

Vegetable Planting Schedule

Be your own farmers market.  There’s nothing as satisfactory as walking out the backdoor and picking homegrown vegetables for supper.  By growing your own vegetables you can pick your own… Read More

Blueberry ‘Pink Lemonade’

Vaccinium ‘Pink Lemonade’.  This new blueberry is outstanding with a flavorful,  wonderfully sweet flavor.  Unlike any other blueberry variety, this one’s berries are bright pink in color! Transluscent white berries mature to… Read More