Edibles & Recipes

Eat Your Peas!

Enjoy the ease of growing vegetables in a container right outside your door. Container vegetable gardening allows even those living in a small home to enjoy the health benefits and… Read More


    Dreaming of a trip to Hawaii?  Visit Squak Mt Nursery for an introduction to two new perennials, bestowed with tropical Hawaiian names, yet hardy for our maritime climate.… Read More

How to Plant Garlic

For a week every August Squak Mt’s owners would pack up their kids and head off to Central Oregon to see Becky’s family. Grandma’s house was the touchstone for all… Read More

Garlic and Shallots

Shallots and garlic are best planted in the fall. The bulbs of these aromatics will begin to set down roots, before going into hibernation for the winter months. Resuming growth… Read More