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Time for Amaryllis

Big winter blooms brighten the winter blahs. Huge tropical amaryllis flowers last 7 to10 weeks, chasing away your winter doldrums. All that is required is the bulb, soil (or rocks), a pretty container, water and a sunny window.


Hailing from South Africa, Amaryllis’ normal flowering time is February through April. Nothing is easier to grow than amaryllis. Amaryllis bulbs are the size of a large onion. The bigger the bulb, the more flowers are produced.  Large (34 cm) bulbs will produce two or more stalks. Plant one to three bulbs per pot for a gorgeous winter display.


Amaryllis enjoy being crowded when being planted, as it helps them bloom. They can be put in a container that is only 1” larger than the bulb. Using moistened potting soil, plant your bulb so ½ to 1/3 of the bulb is above the soil line. Place in a sunny, warm window. As the stalk appears, rotate the pot to prevent it from leaning towards the sun. Only water the top of the pot when the soil begins to feel dry, about once a week. Feed with ½ strength fertilizer every two weeks. They will usually bloom eight to ten weeks after being planted. Squak Mountain sells both bulbs and the containers to plant them in.


‘Merry Christmas’ is a new variety that will bloom sooner than most amaryllis (4-6 weeks).  Plant them in mid-November for a Christmas time bloom.  Alternatively you may elect to purchase amaryllis that are already planted at Squak Mt.  These have been timed so they will bloom during our holiday season (December-January).  Come select your favorite color today at Squak Mt., and provide color to your home during the dreariest days of the year.

Here are the amaryllis varieties available at Squak Mt.  (while supplies remain)

Variety Flower Color
Aphrodite White and light pink
Charisma Pink and white
Merry Christmas Bright red
Prelude Red and white
Royal Velvet Dark red
Vera Pink
White Christmas White

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