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Sweet Sweet peas

Sweet Pea Bouquet BlendMom’s love to see that first bouquet plucked from the garden and presented proudly by the young flower lovers in the family. Now is the time to plant sweet peas for sweet spring blooms and smiles.


Sweet peas are the ideal seed to plant in the Pacific Northwest because they love our cool springs and mild summers. Sweet peas make great cut (or picked) flowers because of their prolific blooming habits. Long stems make them ideal small bouquets when tied in a bundle, or as a mass of color in a vase. Rich purples, bright crimsons, pastel pinks, blues, or yellows are some of the options for sweet pea blooms. Squak Mt features more than ten varieties of sweet pea seeds to choose from.

Sweet pea seeds can be jump started indoors now, as can all other flowers and vegetables you would like to start from seed. Once transplanted outdoors some sweet pea varieties may need netting for support. Sweet peas don’t need full sun so a part sun location will work fine. Plant each seed 2” apart with our ‘Bouquet’ fertilizer. Once they have grown to 2” in height thin them out and space them 6” apart, as each start will produce many branches.


Visit Squak Mt today to select your favorite flower, herb and vegetable seeds, including organic varieties, as well as seed starting supplies. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff is here to help you get started on the first bouquet of spring.

(Illustration is from the cover art on a Botanical Interests brand seed packet.  One of our favorite seed seed brands to offer.)

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