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Planting Sweet Peas



1. Select your favorite sweet pea seed variety at Squak Mt. We have over 20 different kinds, including two short varieties (Knee High and Little Sweetheart)

2. Plant directly in the ground or begin indoors and plant outside before the end of March. When planting amend your soil with some organic compost and a teaspoon of Hendrikus Organics Bouquet fertilizer. Also provide support for sweet peas to grow up. A trellis or string tied between inexpensive bamboo stakes would work fine.  Sweet peas should be planted in a full sun location.

3.  Plant seeds 2-3″ apart. When they get to about 2-3″ high, thin the plants out and pinch the tops so they branch out and grow bushy. Sweet peas don’t like to be crowded.

4. When they take off and begin blooming prolifically be sure to pick them often. If sweet peas get too tall and mature they will go to seed and begin to diminish in their blooms.

5. Water sweet peas regularly in the warmer months since they are not drought tolerant. Also fertilize with a liquid fish based fertilizer throughout the growing season to promote bountiful blooms.

6. Enjoy the bright colors, and heavenly scent.







  1. L Young

    I prefer to have Sweet Pea seedlings already started and not go the seed route. When will you have the seedlings at the nursery? Thanks

  2. mattp

    Our crop of sweet pea starts just started to emerge a few days ago. They should be ready to purchase and plant in a few more days. Thanks for asking.

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