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Peas in Containers: Step by Step

Follow these fun, easy steps to plant yummy vegetables right outside your door. The directions can be adapted to many vegetables, but include special notes to help you grow (and eat!) your peas.


  1. Select a container that is at least 8” deep and wide. Bigger is better Use something you have or come visit us at Squak Mt to peruse our selection for something new.
  2. Come to Squak Mt Nursery to check out our amazing variety of cool season vegetable seeds. Some other great cool season vegetables that can be planted later in the spring include: lettuces, kales, cabbages, broccoli, carrots, beets and cauliflower and much more.
  3. Fill your container with a quality potting soil, to about 1” below the pot’s rim. Mix in some locally made Hendrikus Organics ‘All Purpose’ fertilizer to your soil for plant health and vitality.
  4. Sow the seeds according to the seed packets directions. When planting peas, we suggest buying some garden seed inoculant. Simply toss inoculant and seeds in a paper cup and then sow 1” deep, about 2 to 4” apart. Soaking seeds in water for 12-24 hours prior to planting can aid germination.
  5. Place your container in an area that will get as much sunlight/light as possible. At least 6+ hours.
  6. Water thoroughly if your soil begins to dry.
  7. A short trellis (bamboo stakes, etc.) may be necessary for vining plants like peas.
  8. Enjoy a harvest of fresh produce in as little as 50 days.


Happy Growing (and munching)!











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