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How to Plant Amaryllis

It’s the holiday season, which means people like to get creating. Planting amaryllis is a super easy way to create something on your own, even if you are daunted by anything creative. Here is a step by step tutorial of how to plant a winter blooming amaryllis for yourself, or for gift giving.


1. Come visit Squak Mt Nursery to select your favorite color and size of amaryllis. We have so many to choose from!

Larger bulbs will provide more blooms than smaller (younger) bulbs.

Traditional amaryllis bulbs take 8 to 12 weeks to bloom, after planting.

We also offer African amaryllis bulbs that have been specially conditoned to bloom in only 4 to 6 weeks.











2. Select your vessel. We opted for a simple 6″ pot. You can use a vessel you have already or see what we have here at Squak Mt Nursery.  Drain holes make watering much easier.










3. Fill container near the top with good quality potting soil, adding a tablespoon of good organic fertilizer to the hole. We love (and sell) locally made Hendrikus Organics fertilizer.  Create a hole the same size as the bulb base.










4. Set bulb in hole. Trying to bury as much of the bulbs roots as possible.










5. Scoop dirt around bulb to bury about half way to 2/3 up the sides of the bulb.










6. Display your amaryllis in a brightly lit room indoors.  Now you can enjoy it’s steady growth, and vibrant stalky green stem and finally it’s gorgeous flowers.

Occasionally you can check the soil to see if it is dry.  When the top of the soil is dry, water throroughly until water starts to emerge from the bottom of the pot.  This may be necessary about once per week.






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