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Garlic and Shallots


Our full selection of garlic and shallots are now available at Squak Mt. Nursery.  (Updated 9/26: Note: elephant garlic is now available as well.)

Fall is the best time to plant garlic. Not prone to may pests or diseases, garlic is easy to plant and harvest, making it a perfect crop for new gardeners.

To plant garlic, begin by breaking the bulbs into individual cloves. With the pointy end up, plant each clove in well drained soil mixed with compost, about 2” deep and 3” apart.  Add a tablespoon of our organic fertilizer with each clove.  Fertilize again in the spring when you begin to notice the signs of new growth. Weed, and remove any blossoms that appear on the garlic shoots during the growing season. Garlic is ready for harvest in summer when the leafy tops begin to topple over. Use a garden fork for gentler removal of the bulbs.  Once harvested, air dry the bulbs, chop off most of the roots and tops and store in a cool, dim, well ventilated space.


Garlic is not the only edible that can be planted in autumn.  Shallots are another easy to grow edible bulb. In the same family as the onion, shallots have the flavor of mild onion and the redolent smell of garlic.  Also try elephant garlic is particularly rewarding to grow with children as each harvested clove is huge!

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