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Fragrant Star

Bring exotic and showy blooms to your summer garden with ‘Salmon Star’ oriental lily. This exciting, new summer blooming bulb is a version of the popular ‘Stargazer’ lily, and features intoxicating fragrance to complement its peach and apricot flowers.

As refreshing as a scoop of orange sherbet on a hot summer day, ‘Salmon Star’ sports large 6” apricot-salmon petals with a vivid coral stripes and red freckles. It only grows 2-3’ tall making it a terrific addition for containers, or garden borders. Paired with blues and purples it’s coral tones are stunning.  Tuck it among spring bloomers and it will bloom later in the year for added show. Oriental lilies naturalize well in the garden, forming ever larger clumps in future years.

Lilies prefer full sun to part sun areas, well-drained soil, and a shot of bulb food when planted. Because they never go completely dormant, it is important to buy early and plant early. The best flower show is achieved by planting groups of 3 to 5 bulbs 6-8” apart. Because they have narrow, columnar forms, lilies can be easily tucked in between other plants or shrubs.

‘Salmon Star’, as well as other great summer flowering bulbs, are available today at Squak Mt.  Select your favorites to bring fragrance and color to your summer garden.

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