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Alliums provide spring beauty

You can easily create spectacular accents of color in your garden with an eye catching, contemporary style.  Allium bulbs are planted in autumn, so that you may enjoy their large globe shaped blooms in late spring. Known as flowering onions, alliums are resistant to squirrels, mice and deer, and attractive to butterflies.  Their leaves may have a faint onion scent, but their blooms are without odor.  Cut flowers from alliums can last for weeks, and also make stunning dried flowers for your interior decorating.  They provide color and interest in your garden after the early blooming bulbs such as daffodils have died down, and prior to the onset of the summer blooming bulbs such as dahlias.


Alliums desire well-drained soil and a sunny location.  Bulbs should be planted with the pointy end up about 3” deep and 6 to 8” apart.  Alliums will naturalize and send up increasing numbers of blooms each year as they return.  Their leaves emerge in spring, but tend to die back before the flower blooms.  Consider planting them amongst low growing perennials or shrubs, so that the companion plants may hide their yellowing leaves.


Allium flowers grow 2’ to 4’ tall, depending on the variety.  Squak Mt. has selections ranging from purple to magenta to white.


Visit us today to select your favorite alliums, as well as many other colorful spring blooming bulbs.

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