Super Pots

Vibrant, eye popping color bursts forth of every Super Pot grown at Squak Mt. Nursery. These baskets are ideal for hanging or to be placed in our decorative wrought iron plant stands designed specifically for our Super Pots. Baskets are planted for sun or shade conditions.

Our sun pots are ideal for hot conditions that most baskets cannot endure. Our greenhouse team plants a variety of sun loving annuals in our combination baskets. We also plant Super Pots with a variety of European Ivy geraniums that cascades far below the pot. Either type of basket is remarkably maintenance free as there is no dead heading required and we use special slow release fertilizer and soil amendment technology that assists in preserving soil moisture.

Our shade pots are planted with a variety of summer annuals that bring color and interest to the garden. We include the same high quality fertilizer and soil amendments as are used in our sun baskets.

You have likely seen our Super Pots gracing a neighbor’s patio, the Squak Mt. parking lot and entrance, and in public places throughout Issaquah, the Eastside and Seattle each summer. We also plant Super Pots that will be attractive in through fall and winter.

Repeat Squak Mt. Super Pot customers are encouraged to return their empty (no soil please) Super Pot container to our nursery. We will re-use the container and give you a discount on your next Super Pot purchase.

Pre-ordering baskets: Super Pots and Moss Baskets planted with summer annuals are available for preorder after New Year’s Day. This is recommended because the selection of these baskets is often limited when May arrives. You may place your order online, in person or by phone. Payment is requested when you order. Your baskets will be ready for pickup as the weather warms in May.