Moss Baskets

Elegance and beauty are found in each of the moss baskets created with care at Squak Mt.  Our famous moss baskets are started in February in our greenhouses, with the large baskets featuring more than thirty plants. As the baskets bloom they are filled with eye catching color and a variety of textures.  Our designers carefully select each variety to optimize the performance of your moss basket throughout the summer.

We plant baskets that are suitable for any light condition.  Our combination moss baskets come in either 14” or 16” sizes.  The color themes and light condition options for Squak Mt.’s famous combination moss baskets are listed below:

Light condition Basket Size Color themes for 2016
Shade 14” All colors
Shade 14” Bright colors
Shade 16” All colors
Shade 16” Pink, purple, yellow, white
Shade 16” Bright colors – (no pastel)
Sun / Shade 14” Pink, purple, yellow, white
Sun / Shade 14” Bright colors, no petunias
Sun / Shade 14” All colors
Sun / Shade 14” White and lime green
Sun / Shade 16” Shades of pink and lime green
Sun / Shade 16” Pink, purple, yellow, white
Sun / Shade 16” All colors
Sun / Shade 16” Bright colors
Sun / Shade 16” Hot colors
HOT sun 14” Bright colors
HOT sun 14” Pink, purple, yellow, white
HOT sun 14” All colors
HOT sun 16” Bright colors
HOT sun 16” All colors
HOT sun 16” Pink, purple, yellow, white

Custom order moss baskets can also be planted to your specifications.

Moss hanging baskets filled with only impatiens, wax begonias or tuberous begonias are also available.

Finally, our moss wall baskets are 12” across and are planted with either wax begonias or impatiens.

Pre-Ordering baskets: Moss baskets and Super pots planted with summer annuals are available for preorder after New Year’s Day.  This is recommended because the selection of these baskets is often limited when May arrives. You may place your order in person or by phone.  Payment is requested upon the placement of your order.  Your baskets will be ready for pickup as the weather warms in May.