Fuchsias & More!

Squak Mt.’s homegrown hanging baskets are the ideal way to celebrate summer and bring color and enjoyment to your home.









Fuchsia baskets are one of the original crops grown at Squak Mt. Greenhouses. Our fuchsias are grown in 10” cedar baskets and are very full and beautiful as early May arrives. This is the ideal time to buy fuchsia baskets because they are just beginning to bloom, the weather should have warmed sufficiently, and they are an ideal Mother’s Day gift. Fuchsias love shady spots and will also accept morning sun. Near the house, under an eave is a classic place to hang a fuchsia. Their graceful blooms in purple, red, pink and white tones will enhance your garden until the frosts come in September.


Here are some other baskets grown right here at Squak Mt. for you to choose from. Remember to wait for May to hang them outdoors:

  • Combination Annual Baskets – Beautiful color blends, there is a recipe for any light condition.
  • Geranium Baskets – Best in full or partial sun. Select from Floribunda, European or Traditional Ivy Geranium styles.
  • Impatiens Baskets – Starting at only $13.98. Cheerful color for cool spots.
  • New Guinea Impatiens Baskets – Tropical foliage and blooms, best in partial sun. Grown in a unique basket that allows the impatiens to cover the sides and fill the top with color.
  • Rieger Begonia Baskets – Beautiful double blooms for shade or morning sun.
  • Trailing Petunia Baskets – They love hot sun! No deadheading. They love water, heat and fertilizer.