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This summer bring non-stop vibrant color to your garden with durable, easy to grow Sunpatiens.  Squak Mt is excited to introduce Sunpatiens to our line-up of fabulous homegrown annual color growing in our greenhouses today. These vigorous impatiens thrive in full sun or partial shade and create huge impact as a mass planting or when used in containers.


Squak Mt will have two varieties of Sunpatiens, Compact and Spreading. Compact varieties will provide a dense, bushy planting ideal for hanging baskets and containers. Spreading types will mound and spread 24 to 36” wide, making them perfect for larger impact in your containers or eye catching landscapes.


Bloom colors include reds, oranges, white and pink tones.  Come select your favorite homegrown annuals at Squak Mt today.



Sunpatiens are completely resistant to downy mildew.  See the Squak Talk blog at our website to learn more about downy mildew and its effects on some impatiens.





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