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‘Snow Princess’ Alyssum

For years we have enjoyed the fragrance and color from the crops of alyssum we have grown in our greenhouses.  There is a revolutionary new alyssum, ‘Snow Princess’.  We first introduced this plant in 2010.  This alyssum does not generate seeds, so it spends its energy blooming and growing.  You will discover this vigorous variety creates mounds of small, white fragrant blooms all summer long.  It will grow spectacularly in full sun or partial shade.  ‘Snow Princess’ is more heat tolerant than our old favorite ‘Carpet of Snow’, but will still require regular watering. 

‘Snow Princess’ can be planted in beds to create a great splash of color, and we are anticipating it being particularly popular in baskets and combination containers.  It will billow over the edge of your pots, its foliage and blooms trailing down up to 60”!  Our new alyssum is easy to care for, and does not require any deadheading.  Not only will it attract attention from your friends and family, you may also find the butterflies enjoy visiting its fragrant blooms.

Squak Mt Greenhouses is your premier grower of summer annuals.  Come find the new ‘Snow Princess’ alyssum along with other favorite trailing summer annuals, including calibrachoa, petunias, bacopa, verbena and many, many more.

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