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Planting Sweet Pea Seeds

Include the whole family in this easy, fun garden project; planting sweet peas. Sweet peas love Seattle’s cool maritime climate. They can be planted in early spring and often bloom for a long period since as our area does not have scorching summers.

Sweet peas want well drained soil. When the ground is workable dig deeply into the chosen area and enrich with some compost and our organic ‘Bouquet’ fertilizer.

  1. Erect a trellis, netting, bamboo poles or obelisk for the sweet pea tendrils to wrap around.
  2. Sow seeds in early spring (February through early April) in a full sun location.
  3. Plant seeds 1 inch deep and 2-3 inches apart
  4. When seedlings are 2 inches tall thin them 4-5” apart to allow room for growth.
  5. Keep well watered and enjoy!
  6. Sweet peas go to seed quickly. Once they go to seed they will cease to bloom. To keep ‘em blooming pick bouquets every other day.

Fun uses: Cut the long stems to make fragrant bouquets.  Twine them together to make a fairy crown. Make posies of sweet peas and leave on the neighbor’s doorstep on May Day.

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