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Black Petunias

A petunia of drama, mystery and intrigue has just entered the main stage.  Our brand new ‘Phantom’, ‘Black Velvet’ and ‘Pinstripe’ petunias will be exquisite additions to your pots and beds this summer.  ‘Black Velvet’ is the world’s first and only petunia with a black bloom.  ‘Phantom’ will fill your garden with music as it features a black bloom color with a distinctive yellow star pattern.  The third member of our triad is the ever sophisticated and classy ‘Pinstripe’ in darkest purple blooms with a cream white star pattern emblazoned on each bloom.  

All of these new petunia varieties growing in our greenhouses are upright and mounding in habit.  They are fully branched and bloom without stop all summer long.  These petunias are maintenance free and require no dead heading.  Give them multiple feedings of fertilizer (try our 100% organic Bouquet) to maximize their performance.   Try mixing them with other sun loving summer annuals to create a show in your favorite baskets and containers that will have the whole town talking.

The deep color of ‘Black Velvet’ will show off best when contrasted with bright blooms and leaves.  Try spilling lime ipomoea from the side of your pot and plant a striking Gartenmeister fuchsia in the center for a vibrant orange accent.  Or consider mixing a New Guinea impatien with variegated yellow leaves and an orange bloom with our new petunia clad in all black.  Alternatively you may simply plant a planting bed with a flowing drift of Black Velvet bordered by either Phantom or Pinstripe.  The greenhouses at Squak Mt. are bursting with homegrown summer annuals.  Come and find new varieties and old favorites today.

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