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A Golden Summer

Add brilliant gold color to your hanging baskets and containers with two of our favorite trailing summer annuals, grown in our greenhouses at Squak Mt.

Bidens ‘Mexican Gold’

If you’re looking for the perfect plant to brighten up your hanging combination baskets, then Bidens ‘Mexican Gold’ will fit the bill. Brilliant yellow daisy-shaped flowers bloom all summer long on this vigorous plant, adding dramatic color to hot color combination baskets, or adding complimentary color to softer hued combinations. The deep green, finely textured, well- branched foliage interweaves through the basket, adding a nice contrast to heavier foliaged plants, while providing an almost cloudlike effect of yellow flowers above the foliage. A prolific and early bloomer, ‘Mexican Gold’ will grow 18” long, but can be kept shorter if pinched occasionally. It will continue to bloom all season long in a sunny location with minimal care and no deadheading required. Regular watering and a bit of timed release fertilizer added at the time of planting will keep your Bidens ‘Mexican Gold’ looking its best. As the perfect addition to a hanging combination basket, ‘Mexican Gold’ is worth its weight in gold!  

Sanvitalia ‘Cuzco Yellow’

Relatively new to our greenhouses, Sanvitalia ‘Cuzco Yellow’ has quickly become one of our favorite summer annuals. Ideally suited for container combinations, this sunny yellow plant is practically perfect in every way. Producing masses of tiny daisy like flowers, it will spill over edges about a foot, making a stunning presence in any container. The green centered, bright yellow flowers bloom like a mounding carpet of color, born on deep green foliage, somewhat stiff and oval-shaped, that is not prone to diseases or insects. Having an abnormally long bloom time, these plants were still in full, perfect bloom in November, finally dying off in the bitter cold. Being drought tolerant, and needing no pinching or deadheading, you can understand why it’s a favorite. Requiring only a sunny location to keep it blooming profusely, you just can’t go wrong adding Sanvitalia Cuzco Yellow to your sunny containers.  Visit the greenhouses at Squak Mt. today to find your favorite annuals for abundant summer blooms.

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