• Winter Flowering Favorites: Witch Hazel

    Winter Flowering Favorites:

    Witch Hazel’s firework blooms dance up and down on sturdy branches in early spring and gives you a show of electric color in the fall.  Orange or gold blooms.  Coming soon!

  • Winter Flowering Favorites: Camellias

    Winter Flowering Favorites:

    Camellias with their velvety winter blooming flowers and glossy green leaves add a burst of happy to the grey days of wintertime. Come check out our beautiful stock!

  • Winter Flowering Favorites: Sarcococca

    Winter Flowering Favorites: Sarcococca

    A charming winter blooming shrub featuring delicate white vanilla scented flowers.

  • Make it Cozy with Houseplants

    Make it cozy with Houseplants:

    Make your indoors cozy (and healthy) with houseplants! We have happy bloomers like African Violets,  Jasmine, and Gardenia. If greens your thing we have ferns, snake plant and many more. Swing by to check us out!

  • Success with Houseplants (for anyone)

    Success with Houseplants (for anyone):

    Join Susan for a fun, informative seminar on houseplants and Air Ferns. January 20, 2018. 10:30 AM. Free. No RSVP needed.

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Container Gardening Do’s & Don’t’s

Container Gardening Do’s & Don’t’s
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