• Summer Annuals

    Our Greenhouses Are Bursting With Blooms

    Summer annuals bring beauty and panache to all of your outdoor spaces. Come experience all the blooming going on now at Squak Mt.

  • Glimmer Stands Out

    Introducing ‘Glimmer’

    This brand-new series of double impatiens, ‘Glimmer‘ has rose-like blooms that come with bright, eye-popping colors

  • Lovely Lavender

    Lavender, Known For Its Calming Effect

    Lavender is a sun lover and is drought tolerant. Choose from the many of varieties available now in our Perennial Courtyard.

  • A Vigorous, Sun Tolerant Bloomer!

    Solenias Bring The Sunshine!

    ‘Solenia’ Begonias have tons of bloom power and are easy to grow. They love full to part sun.

  • Now Is The Time For Tomatoes!

    It’s A Perfect Time To Plant Hot Weather Veggies

    Many varieties of tomatoes to choose from, including the Red Racer’s featured in our GreenThumber

  • Blooming Perennials

    Perennial Pollinator Picnic

    Spring blooms are pollinator favorites! Enjoy the vast variety of choices in bloom now at Squak Mt.

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Here at Squak Mt. Every Day Is A Pollinator Picnic!

Here at Squak Mt. Every Day Is A Pollinator Picnic!